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Sample Output: UIUC fi-en lattice 5-best

(see all systems for Finnish-English newstest2015)

Finnish Input UIUC fi-en lattice 5-best System Output
Author: dowobeha
Affiliation: University of Illinois
BLEU: 14.1
BLEU-cased: 13.4
IGNORE BLEU (11b): 14.1
IGNORE BLEU-cased (11b): 13.4
IGNORE BLEU-cased-norm:
TER: 0.806
zz BEER 2.0:
zzz CharactTER:
English Reference
Juankosken kaupunki liittyy Kuopion kaupunkiin vuoden 2017 alussa. Juan is in the city of Kutaisi to learn is a city at the beginning of the year 2017. Juankoski will be joined to the city of Kuopio in the beginning of 2017.
Kuopion kaupunginvaltuusto hyväksyi liitoksen yksimielisesti maanantaina. A lesson is the City Council approved it unanimously on Monday. The city council of Kuopio accepted the annexation unanimously on Monday.
Juankosken kaupunginvaltuusto hyväksyi liitoksen viime viikolla. Juan in the City Council approved a union last week. The city council of Juankoski accepted the annexation last week.
Kuntaliitoksen selvittämisessä oli mukana myös Tuusniemen kunta, mutta sen valtuusto päätti, että Tuusniemi jatkaa itsenäisenä. When the union-out was also involved in the new municipality in the peninsula, but the council decided that the new peninsulas to continue as an independent. Also the municipality of Tuusniemi carried out an examination regarding a municipal annexation, but its council decided that Tuusniemi will continue as an independent municipality.
Kuopio ja Juankoski päättävät seuraavien kuntavaalien toteuttamisesta erikseen. A lesson, and Juan was to decide on the implementation of the next municipal elections. Kuopio and Juankoski will decide on executing the next municipal elections separately.
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